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Melbourne Christmas Lights In Preston


Welcome to Melbourne Christmas Lights.

We began decorating our house in 2005 with only 4 sets of lights.  This began the passion and addiction that you see today. We added quite a few lights for our 2008 display which amazed our local residents and children alike. In 2009 we added even more lights taking the total count to 10,000 globes. At this point we always had a static display but we wanted more.

After an extensive search for ideas we came across some you tube videos  which inspired us. We found  that you can control all the lights and have them dance to the music. This took our display to the next level and in 2010 we introduced our first computerised Christmas light display that we synced to music. We also added quite a few lights taking the total count to 15,000.

To computerise the lights, controllers and software were required to animate the display. We found a company in the United States called Lightorama that specialised in this field. We purchased a total of 32 Channels and all the hardware and software required and proceeded to piece together our 2010 display. This was no easy task as all our lights had to be modified. In addition it required quite a few hours of sequencing to enable the lights to switch on and off in tune with the music. Luckily we began in early June which enabled just enough time to finalise by Christmas 2010.

Now the display has grown over the years to have over 40,000 lights controlled by a total of 96 channels. This gives us plenty of lighting control and diversity to create an amazing lighting display for everyone to enjoy.
47 Gordon Grove Preston Victoria 3072

Show Times: (December 1st to December 31st)
Times - 8:45pm to 12:00am

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This year we have included a wishing well at the front of our display. We would appreciate any donations as all proceeds will be issued to National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can also donate online through Paypal

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